If you are interested in getting in contact with me the best way is currently through Twitter.

If you are coming from theinfographics, I don’t do the whole contact form thing anymore because of the volume of infographic submissions I was getting through. I find keeping contact to Twitter separates the wheat from the chaff as far as infographics are concerned. The quality of infographics I get through are much higher. It also allows us to develop a relationship, which can be far more beneficial for both parties than simply getting an infographic listed on my other blog.

If you are coming from here ( If there is a specific article you are interested in engaging with, please use the Disqus comments below the article. If you are looking to get in touch with me in general Twitter is, again, the best way.

If you are interested in getting web work done, I do suggest you head over to Sensible Internet and take a look at what we offer.

Please do not try to contact me directly through any of my businesses contact forms. This will always be ignored, if anything does reach me through this method it will only worsen any relations between us.


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